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Being open up about your fantasies to your partner is always a little bit harder than it would seem.
Here are 7 of the most common sex cravings every men/women has, and a non-awk way of bringing them up.
5 days ago
True love is hard to find. Maintaining that love once you find it is even harder. A lot of people go to counsellors for advice on how to make their relationship evergreen and agree to disagree on things that they fight over. We've collected brilliant pieces of advice from counsellors all in one place for you to follow!

Thank us later!
2 years ago
No matter how much women are in love with their partner, still there can be some sex questions she wants to ask but shies away from or is afraid that that they might offend or scare them! They would rather google it or ask their best friends or gynaes instead of their partners!
Here are some of those embarrassing questions answered!
a year ago
Kamasutra the most talked but misunderstood book by those who have not read, is an ancient Indian text written by Vatsyayana. It is widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature. It is surprising how even in that era scholars were so advanced in their ways of thinking about the concept of making love.
2 months ago
Ladies, turning on your partner has always been easy for you. But do appreciate him while getting involved.
2 years ago
As crazy as they sound, all the above theme parks are the only attractions in this world where only adults can enter and it's justified, don't you think so? Having look at the extremity in their themes, they should only be restricted to grown ups! O_O

Note: The Naked Rollercoaster World Record Breakers was performed just to raise money for charity.
2 years ago
There are perhaps multiple things that go through a woman's mind before she is about to have sex. Here are seven things that I feel a woman definitely goes through! So check out and let us know if you could relate to this. And tell us more about your first time!
5 months ago
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If you want to keep an eye on your health, you could do worse than to spend a few minutes scrutinizing your body in the mirror. Are your eyes pink? Have your nails turned brown at the top? Noticing small changes can nudge you into paying attention to potential problems. Do you have high cholesterol? Check on these signs before it gets too late.
2 years ago
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