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Being open up about your fantasies to your partner is always a little bit harder than it would seem.
Here are 7 of the most common sex cravings every men/women has, and a non-awk way of bringing them up.
5 days ago
Don't be too judgmental of your partner during lovemaking. Some things they do or might want to do is not their fault but their sun sign's. 
2 years ago
Are you two far away and want some spice in your love life through texting? We all know sexting is fun, but wouldn't it be much spicier when you play some play some hot games through texts that’ll change your mood completely and make you happy? Check out these 8 texting game you gotta be playing with your guy right now!
11 months ago
Want to get into the mood but do not like watching porn as it lacks love and romance? Then you should be watching the above hot movies which are filled with such steamy sex scenes that are enough to get you sweaty, leaving you full of desire and passion for your partner!
a year ago
Christmas is one of the most adorable occasions, an epitome of wishes and hopes! Since childhood we want to believe in Santa Clause and his wish granting, don't we? A beautiful occasion filled with joy, decorations, gifts exchange, delicious cup cakes, Christmas trees and what not!
So here is a list of some great movies that will add some more sparkle to your Christmas eve! :)
2 years ago