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Jack does not have to be a dull boy when it comes to these great study options around the World. With reputed courses and Universities in a location that is high on affordable living cost, you will not have to count every penny or skip on opportunities to party and make friends for a lifetime! So do consider them especially in the time of recession and unpredictable future that have made the generally preferred destinations less achievable.
2 years ago
There is no right answer to this question. What is more important? You will see multiple examples of people who have not even finished their school and have achieved so much in life and are successful in their fields. But, you will also see people who have crushed their career opportunities for 'Love'.

The question is what is more important to you? To make a career or to have a love life? What do you want? And whatever you choose, do not regret your decisions. Whether it is to miss your important class to be with your partner or to go for that business trip and missing your partner's birthday. Life is too short to have any regrets. Live the life you want to live without caring about what others might think and how are they going to judge you. In the end your happiness is what counts.

Here is a quote from my most favorite classic of all times, 'Jane Eyre', "I'd rather be happy than dignified."

It is hard to say that we can have the best of both worlds. Yet there is a possibility. If only you learn the balance, and most importantly know what you want and when you want it. because if you quit studies for love at young age, then it will be hard for you to get back there. And trust me, it can be vice versa. Life is very unpredictable. So listen to your heart and what it wants, where you want to see yourself in next 10 years.
a year ago
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Move away from storing books in a haphazard manner! Welcome innovative spaces in your home, and get cozy in your study room. Very often, we don't take into account the space required for our books and table, but with these ideas, make place for a comfy study area.
a year ago
Pulling an all nighter is the only way to get through those gruesome semesters. These foods will surely aid you in doing so.
2 years ago
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''Oh, dear!'' Exams are near. We all are guilty of indulging in these actions at least once in our lifetime. 
2 years ago
Is it possible to live a life without regrets?
This is the big question I’ve been asking myself.

As no human being is perfect, and I doubt there’s anything like a “perfect life”, I expect all of us would have some regret(s) in our dying days.

But I think the key is to have as few regrets as possible. Taking a cue from the above points, I am gonna do what is necessary.
a year ago
Exams are the main problem for every student. Around 60% of students memorize their answers just before their exams and their is no utility of it after the exam. So try to overcome this problem by understanding your answers properly and hit your exams like a helicopter shot.
4 days ago
Are you sweating it out in a gym every day with hope to slim down? Unfortunately, you may be disappointed by the result. 

The findings of a study involving young adults from five countries has highlighted that physical activity may not protect you from gaining weight. The study is published in the journal PeerJ.
2 years ago
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Your heart skips a beat every time he walks onto the screen!

British Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has wonderfully brought alive the character of Mr. Holmes with his amazing acting skills, soul stirring voice and the witty dialogues, in the renowned BBC Series 'Sherlock'. But what adds to his persona and brings alive the character, is the exquisite detailing that goes into dressing the detective. From the signature Sherlock Hat to the Woollen Overcoat, everything on Mr. Holmes is a Fashion Statement in itself.
a year ago
Delhi University is a major attraction of Delhi and is always in the limelight for something or the other. Not only is it known for it's sky rocketing cut offs but there are numerous other things that make DU a temple of studies and fun!
2 years ago