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Tinder: The matchmaking app created quite a stir in the tech market ever since its inception! Within weeks it attracted some million users, who were in a dire need to ward off their singlehood and therefore gave Tinder a much-needed shot. Some had amazing experiences while some consumed the bitterest pill!

So here is the trivia of reasons that would just save you from the wrath of intermingling technology with emotions! ;)
2 years ago
Break the ice with any of the above questions. This way, not only will you be able to open a dialogue but you'll also get to know them better. 
4 days ago
First dates are considered special ones because they always pop up an opportunity to find our perfect partner. But they can, in no time, turn into horrible ones if you will not keep up with not making any of these awkward statements. So, check out what not to say on your first date.
2 years ago
Breakups are horrible , but none are bad enough to not be turned into a breakthrough. So take a long breath and get on with your life , because there is so much to look forward to and you are not giving anyone the pleasure to watch you suffer. Slay!

Hope this experience of mine helps you get over your heartbreak! I would also love to know your story and experience. Do share!!
8 months ago
Embarrassments have been a part of life since the moment you have started caring about what people have to say about your actions. Basically when you started giving a fuck about society and judgments. Here are stories of women sharing their embarrassing moments. Hope you sympathize with them as you would find these hilarious. Have fun reading these stories.
a year ago
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