The human body is one of the marvels of the Creator. When you become ill, you can readily conclude that your body is not as good or fit as others. The fact is a little different. Your body, like others’ are made of same elements and are controlled by them as well. There are 7 major and several minor Chakras, in your body, which controls your physical as well as psychological wellbeing; even your life. When you are ill then know that there must be some issues in the health and functioning of these Chakras.

Ancient process of healing and medical treatments was highly guided by a profound understanding of these Chakras. If you have heard of magical tales of people recovering from irrecoverable illness and nearly saved from death, then it was because of such an approach to restore your health. Thankfully and much to our relief, there are some herbal teas which can heal your weakening Chakras, now as well. You can have different types of yogi tea online to try its benefits.

Know the Herbal Teas Which Can Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Your health and wellbeing is entirely controlled by the 7 major and a number of minor Chakras. Let’s take a look at the major Chakras and their relevance to your health and wellbeing and know which herbal can best help in healing and balancing them.

·         The Root Chakra: This chakra is the one which makes us feel grounded at both physical and psychological levels. So if you become too angry, feel over the place, then your Root Chakra might be imbalanced. Try drinking dandelion root tea, ginger tea, sage tea to find effective results.

·         The Sacral Chakra: The secret of your creativity, the power of manifestation and sexual energy, lies in the functioning of your Sacral Chakra. If there is any problem like excessive anxiety, phobia, fear, urinary tract infection, or reproductive issues or eating disorder, it’s primarily because of an imbalance in your Sacral Chakra. So you can drink calendula or hibiscus tea to balance it.

·         The Solar Plexus Chakra: If you are having issues with your self-esteem and feeling depressed or having digestive issues, then it because of an imbalance in this chakra. It is responsible for your thoughts, self-controlling abilities and emotions. So to balance it, you must try the benefits of rosemary or cinnamon tea or both.

·         The Heart Chakra: This chakra is primarily responsible for feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness in you and helps you in expressing the same. So if you are being able to love yourself and others, or feeling disconnected, or lacking empathy then you must

·         The Throat Chakra: If you are finding it difficult to voice your opinion, lacking confidence, suffering from thyroid then it is because of imbalance of this chakra. You must then switch to red clove tea or lemon grass tea as well. There are some amazing places to buy wellness teaHerbal teas are extremely effective in treating some of the complicated illnesses. Here we discuss some herbal teas and their use to balance your chakras. , look for them and pick your tea.

·         The Third Eye Chakra: Interestingly, this chakra makes you intuitive, makes you conscious. If you are finding it difficult to think, frequently having headaches, suffering from migraine, insomnia, or having nightmares, it could be because of weak Third Eye Chakra. To balance it, you must make it a habit of drinking mint tea, lemon tea or even jasmine tea.

·         The Crown Chakra: When you feel left out, or depressed, or aimless then it could be because of a weakening of this chakra. It is primarily responsible for providing you wisdom and takes you to enlightenment. So to heal this chakra you must have lavender tea. It is very effective in balancing your Crown Chakra and restore your wisdom.

Herbal teas are very effective in treating some of the most complicated health issues. There are some great places to buy Ayurvedic tea online from where you can choose the tea you want.
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