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Hair and Beauty
Khara Kapas is one of the private clothing label from Delhi NCR. The brand provides a blend of handloom cotton and vibrant soft clothing.
11 months ago
Women's Fashion
Zayn Malik has topped the list of Asia's Sexiest men but Indian men are not behind. Our actors have dutifully made it to the list. The looks, the charm, the charisma, the body, the demeanor.. can't even begin to explain! These men are the heartthrobs of the nation and now of the continent too :D 
2 months ago
Men's Fashion
If your bathroom routine hasn't evolved beyond shaving with a disposable razor or washing your face with a soap, or just with water, then you should definitely check out these 11 grooming products, that are not just important but they are must-haves for men!
4 months ago
Indian girls are a unique breed and when it comes to impressing them, you need to invest an extra thought in your approach. The trick is to become the center of her attention without letting her know it.

It may take some time to impress an Indian girl, but with some patience, it is certainly possible.
3 months ago
When you're a child, you have it simple. You have committed rest times. You can eat Lunchables without judgment. What's more, maybe a standout amongst the most underrated advantages is this: Your parental figures drive you to your arrangements
As you grow older life starts to get complicated and health weaker because we forget to create the bslance between the two.
There are 8 simple things  that you need to remember or recall to sort your  life better and stay healthy. 
Stay healthy stay happy
2 years ago
Studies say that body language constitutes of 50-70% of the language which makes it extremely important to learn. Your gestures, postures, breathing patterns, expressions , movements , appearance, speaks a-lot  about you. 

Right body language adds real value to your personality and conversations. It even influences others perspective towards you big time.  
6 months ago
Quite often we find ourselves caught up in situations we don't know how to get out of. More times than we know, the solution lies at home itself. These are tried and tested hacks to come to your rescue anytime!
2 years ago
Hair and Beauty
We're through with winter and in some parts of the country, the hot and humid summer has almost set in. With every change of season, comes its fair share of beauty woes. But guess what? All your skin and hair issues can be fixed right at home. Be it flaky skin, brittle hair or dry lips - read up our tips and look your beautiful best no matter what season it is!
a year ago
Today, Men love to wear makeup and it does enhance their looks. 'Guyliner' or 'Eye Liner for men' is a beauty staple for fashion forwards men who dare to be different. However, this fierce & intense look is not easy to pull off. you need to get your hairstyle, eyebrows and beard in shape first. Subtly lined eyes looks great on those who have long or medium hair. However, there are celebrities who have carried this style with short hair too. So, Guys go for this major trend of this season and choose to be different.
2 years ago
Men's Fashion