Few food & nutrition fact which can blow your mind!!!

Ø  Drying fruit depletes it of 30-80% of its vitamin and antioxidant content

Ø  A 2010 study found that 48% of soda fountain contained fecal bacteria, and 11% contained E. Coli.

Ø  9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in Potassium.

Ø  Blueberries will not ripen until they are picked. That sounds cool, it won’t get stale soon

Ø  About 150 people per year are killed by coconuts. Wait what, be aware of coconuts!!!

Ø  Ketchup was used as a medicine back in the 1930’s. Favourite medicine of the time.

Ø  Honey never spoils. That nice.

Ø  A hardboiled egg will spin, but a soft-boiled egg will not. Must try this.

Ø  Chewing gum burns about 11 calories per hour. Good point to chewing gum now.

Ø  If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. OMG!!

Ø  More people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food. Ohh

Ø  Only 8% of dieters will follow a restrictive weight loss plan (such as hCG Drops diet, garcinia cambogia diet, etc.) That’s true.

Ø  Coconut water can be used as blood plasma. Guys you must start drinking coconut.

I hope you enjoyed the nutrition facts. I will be sharing more blogs with you guys so stay Tuned for more blogs.

Thank you!!

7 months ago
Everybody has confessions in their hearts. These confessions are made by people in general and we decided to portray them in humourous way.
9 months ago
"Laughter is the best Medicine"

True, as laughter comes within when you have forgotten about the stress and problems in life.
Seems like the phrase is taken very seriously lately in India in form of StandUp Comedy bringing a whole new flavour of humor.

So, Guys check out these comedian on Youtube.
9 months ago
This is what it would look like if some of the most popular brands in India were to make condoms with their existing taglines in place. 

Come to think of it, it's funny AF (well, literally in that sense :P). 
9 months ago
Funny Nicknames for Guys And Girls

1. Saturday Night - Your best friend who goes to every party and drinks way too much beer.

2. Full Meter – For someone who’s always mad and yelling!

3. Two Story – For when you have to look up at someone to talk to them.

4. Adobe – for someone adorable

5. Mr. IDK

6. Sibling – Someone who stinks at everything.

7. Mr. Microsoft – who’s obsessed with Microsoft

8. Extra L - who does not want to shed those extra kilos 

9. Third Wheeler – The one friend who doesn’t have a gf or bf but always tags along anyway

10. Monday morning – for someone you hate to see

11. Monkey Brain – for someone with crazy brain

12. Kittycat- a person who loves cats

13. Internet Explorer – For that friend that always takes an eternity to react.

14. Lemon – for someone really annoying and sour.

15. Toothpick – for skinny guy

16. Game over – Geek without a life

17. Friday Night – The awesome guy who we love the most

18. Furniture – someone who is lazy and loves the sofa

19. Chatter Box – For someone who can’t keep quiet for few seconds

20. Book Zombie – bookworm who reads five books a week.

21. Walking Dictionary – for someone who knows all the words
8 months ago
I believe all of us have that one friend we can always rely on and disturb her without being concerned about offending her. Well if you can relate to the list of signs here, perhaps you have found your soul sister who has been and will always be there for you. Share this if you feel so!
7 months ago
Isn't it so damn tough for a girl to buy condoms for the first time? People look at you with such weird eyes as if you're going to sell your soul to Satan. If you have bought your first packet of condom already, then you'll totally relate to these 12 hilarious thoughts girls have the first time they buy condoms!

Go have a look!
8 months ago
We use some products in our daily life that we don't know how but have been used in a different way than they've been produced for. It's quite hilarious to read the honest descriptions of daily use products like slippers, tissue paper, deodorant and many more. Read more about it to laugh and roll!!
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