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0124 is the perfect place with open terrace bar where you can eat, drink, dance and enjoy yourselves to the fullest!
So don't wait or think, just plan your parties with friends and family at 0124 Bar Exchange!

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Lagom is one of the best breweries on Sohna road, Gurugram. Serving a million of its guests, Lagom now has a new food menu for everyone!
16 days ago
Finding an escape from your daily routine?
Yes! Escape Terrace Kitchen Bar is a perfect place for you! Offering you the best of food and drinks with Happy Hours every day; this place is surely something you should try if looking for a perfect ambiance.
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Here we go!!!

Since it’s the time of summer vacation you will be hitting the Goa. Thankfully! You probably don’t need a large suitcase. You really only need a couple of outfits. Here’s our list guide for how to pack for a beach vacation.


 Swimsuits: The base line is, you will be living in these. The less swim suits, the less conflicting the tan lines. But it’s also fun to switch it up once and a while and showoff your different styles while with waves!

 Comfortable flip flops: Shop a nice pare of flip-flops. Flip-flops are very comfortable to hang around beaches and other places and also it give a cool look too!

 Hat and sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun rays and look cool while you do!

 Carry tote bag: Look for a waterproof beach bag with a zipper and compartments, so you can store your precious belongings like iPod and sunglasses safely and other things without sand touching to them!

 2- 3 Dresses: I live in dresses because they’re so perfect and also suitable for day or night. They’re perfect for beach days, going to dinner, or hitting the town.

 Shorts and tops: You may want to add more here. A pair of comfortable shorts and t-shirt or short blouse are important if you’ll be active on a trip. If you’d like, you may add a skirt for the evenings. Go for it!

 Light sweater for cooler evenings: Nights in the Goa can get a little breezy. So don’t forget to get a light sweater just in case.


Note: You can bring a statement piece of costume jewellery to add colour and accessorize your outfit, like a chunky necklace or coloured watch but don’t add valuable jewellery in the list also leave heavy makeup and other valuable items at home. So too is a straightener or curling iron – but only one! You won’t be using it much. Now go don’t get late to hit the waves. Happy Vacation!


4 days ago
The Wedding is one of the most important day of a person's life, its the beginning of a new journey. So, don't you think this moment should be captured and cherished, which you can look after ten years from now and adore.

Now a days, there are so many trends going on in Indian Weddings, and one of them is pre-wedding shoot. And that's a must of every couple these days. 

Bangalore is laced with several beautiful locations that are perfect for a shoot with your sweetheart to make for some lovely memories. Here is a list of locations that would make for stunning pre-wedding shoot locations.
22 days ago
Whoever said Goa is known for  beaches and party places, hadn’t been to these best  restaurants in Goa! Yes, it is home to some of the most fancy and posh restaurants.
Here are the 9 best reasturants with the beatiful view where you must visit.
24 days ago
Are you looking for travel inspiration and a cure for domestication? Are you looking for a fantastic destination for your next adventure?
Here we list out some international travel blogger who will guide and inspire you to enjoy your life.
20 days ago
Rajasthan - the most colorful and vibrant state which provides so many opportunities for a photographer to capture in his camera.

Forts and walls on the hills, deep orange hues of sunset over sand dunes, starry nights, silent deserts whose silence is disturbed by Camel's bell, man with colorful turban playing flute, women carrying pots of water in desert leaving behind the sonorous sounds of their anklets, children playing on the traditional tunes of villagers, markets full of handmade crafts depicting the culture of Rajasthan.

That's just a small glance of Rajasthan, so come and join us on the stupendous photo-journey in Rajasthan.
20 days ago
Planning a dinner near beach??
Dining at Sea Crest is an experience of gastronomic delight. Chennai is famous for food and sea views.
Here we list out some beautiful restaurants where you can take your friends or partner out for a dinner, and see the magic!

These places are best for your dinner dates, romantic lunches, cool brunches and warm coffees. It feels heaven when you are dine with your loved one and a spectacular sea view.
22 days ago
Junk It Up!! Hey girls dress up in style with junk jewellery. Junk Jewelleries gives a very attractive and beautiful look for any kind of events either it is marriage, night party, or any college celebration. Junk jewelery is now available at almost every nook and corner in all the cities of India, and that too in a large variety.
Here we list come some best junk jewelery markets in Hyderabad so go there and make your own unique style.
21 days ago