Youtube is a fast emerging platform to share experiences. Its like a video guide. Now a days people refer to youtube for almost each and every task- be it cooking a new dish for your family.

Here, we have compiled a list of top Food channels on Youtube.

So, next time you want to cook a delicious dish and enjoy it with your loved ones, do watch the video on these channels.
3 months ago
Food & Drinks
The greatest books are defined as classics for a reason.
If you love reading here are 7 books that we feel are defining milestones in our literary tradition. 
2 months ago
Ready to take you own watch challenge? Chill this summer in the most comfortable outfit and the best movie to suit your mood. Warning: These series will trap you in your own room! :P
6 months ago
Indian Wedding !!

Celebration & Party with family & friends with a lot of mauz masti after all we Indians love all the shor-sharaba and dhol-nagada, sajna savarna and those little butterflies in the stomach waali feeling, when it’s all about weddings. 

Especially Sangeet Night, where you want to let down your hair & have a gala time with your cousins and friends.

There are so many work to do to plan a wedding - and between those people doesn't have time to spend hours on the Internet and make a playlist of everyone's favorites.

Worry no more, We have got you covered here with these ultimate 13 peppy party songs for you to grove on and have a smashing sangeet.
10 days ago
It is rightly said : "OLD IS GOLD
And this is proved by so many bollywood movies released in 19s. Till date these movies are set to get more and more fans.
From Prithviraj Kapoor to Amitabh Bachchan & Madhubala to Hema Malini, who have played the legendary roles in this movie which displayed a secular approach in a lovely manner.
These movies have so beautifully depicted the Indian lifestyle and day to day problems suffered by a common person.
Here is a list of such Bollywood movies you must watch at least once in a lifetime.

2 months ago
People Love Romance, Drama Thriller, love stories, Comedy and do not get bore to watch a movie many time.Some memoris really attached with them that feel you happy. Bollywood Industry have lots of hits. Here we brings a list of ever green fabulous movie that you love to watch again!!.
3 days ago
Deepika Padukone is one of the youngest actresses in Bollywood. Not only her movies but also some of her dialogues are very popular among the youth.

Do you recall these dialogues in her awesome movies ?
20 days ago
 Who don't know about Shah Rukh Khan? Shah Rukh Khan is the bollywood star khan and don of film industry .Everyone loves his movie and dialogue .For all those SRK lovers here we are sharing the top 15 most famous Shahrukh Khan dialogues those will make you fall in love with him again.
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If there's any Hindi movie that has passed the test of time, it has to be Sholay! Action, Drama, Romance - Sholay has it all! Sholay was way ahead of its times and continues to be an iconic and timeless hit. Biggest bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan played wonderful role. After 42 years Sholay's dialogues are still afresh in our minds. Here are some of the most iconic dialogues that make Sholay the iconic film that it is.
2 months ago
You might be confuse to decided which web series is best to watch? There Are dozens of web series premiering on Netflix, Amazon Prime every year. Here we bring a list of best web series that will inspire you and loved to watch.
6 days ago