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Are you a fitness lover and looking for best fitness centre? So, here we take "SportsFit" that is inaugurated by Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Gurugram. SportsFit is a cultural, religious base for passionate people living sedentary lifestyle. This centre will give the new direction of our youth. 
Try an experience in SportsFit centre that help you to maintain your body shape and will make you fit.
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Meditation is about being tuned to the inner-self and connecting to the divine. It is not about escaping from society or the outer world. Rather, it is about connecting with the inner energy source. Meditation has many forms. There are certain meditation postures that are the most ideal. These positions help to keep the mind calm and body aligned at its best.

How to do meditation?

Meditation is a very simple practice where the practitioner needs to align and concentrate. Whenever you feel distracted while meditating, simply start paying attention to your breath, and you can bring back the focus. Follow these steps to begin the meditation practice.   

Yoga Meditation Poses:

There are about seven meditation postures for a complying meditation practice.

1.  Sitting Down- Meditative Asanas

Sitting with crossed legs on the floor is not a sole meditation posture. It comes with unique variations for a deep and comfortable practice.

a) Padmasana: The basic and one of the easiest sitting meditation positions.
b) Ardha Padmasana or Ardha Kamalasana: In this position, you need to cross only one leg, and let it rest on the thigh or you can fold under the leg.
c) The Quarter Lotus: This position is highly recommended due to its comfort level, where you sit on the ground with legs crossed loosely.
d) The Burmese Position (Padmasana position in Buddhism): In this position, your feet lay on the ground in a relaxed position. Great for those who can’t sit with crossed legs.
e) Seiza (Japanese sitting position): A position where you sit on the knees and place a yoga prop or cushion between the legs.
f) Using Chair: Padmasana or Burmese pose is the most commonly used pose for meditation. But some people find it difficult or uncomfortable sitting on the floor, so they can use the chair. Just don’t let your back rest on the chair, place the feet strongly on the ground, and aligned with the knees and hips.

2. Lengthen Your Spine

While practicing meditation, it is important to sit with a straight back but do not stress it. Try to rouse up yourself through the spine. It helps develop a clear mind and allows a free flow of energy.

3. Hands Position

While meditating, keep your hands in a resting position on the lap. You can also keep it at your side or on the thighs. These are the best hand positions to keep while meditating

4. Ease The Shoulders

Relax the muscles of your back and shoulder by slightly pushing the shoulders back. It builds a firm back and helps to meditate with comfort and ease.

5. Push in the Chin

Every small detail matters to deepen the meditation practice, even chin position matters. Your chin should not be too down or too up, just tuck in slightly.

6. Relax Face Muscles

It is important to relax the facial muscles to let your jaw open. Place the tongue behind the upper front teeth or against the roof of the mouth, it allows clear and direct breathing and helps to prevent excess saliva.

7. Close Your Eyes

Relaxing the gaze by semi-closing the eye.  It is recommended to leave your eyes slightly open to admit a little light while redirecting the gaze downwards.

Meditation makes us aware of ourselves, and it creates a sense of mindfulness. Rejuvenate the body, quiet the mind, and purify the soul with a regular meditation practice.
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Looking for what to do at the gym? Or maybe just a little motivation? Instagram can offer endless fitspiration — if you follow the right people, that is.

There are some of the trainers and models who are fitness freaks, These stylish and in-shape girls show off the best workout motivation on Instagram.

For the days where you can't seem to fire up the willpower to work out, we've compiled a list of most inspiring trainers who you must-follow for your daily dose of motivation.
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Do you guys want to join a sports club to relax your mind from day to day routine?

Do you want a good club for your kids to join and enjoy sports?

We have a list of best Sports Club in Gurgaon. Check them out !
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Are you tired with increasing traffic and day to day life chores ? Grab your bike and hop on for a fun ride enjoying the cares of fresh air on your cheeks and explore unseen places near your city!
Check out these groups to join!
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While most of the people focus on different fitness techniques to stay healthy, there are others who know that exercising is not the only thing that can make you a healthier and wiser person. Fitness trainers, dieticians, and health experts often talk about how important it is for a person to cut the chords from negative people, kick off stress and stay away from emotional outbursts in order to lose weight and lead a healthier life. Your diet is what influences your weight, mental stability and stress factors in your life. Yoga diet is known for various holistic benefits and its distinct approach towards a healthy lifestyle. It is a complete package to stay fit and healthy for life.

What you put into your mouth considers your weight, health, and fitness. If you want to refrain yourself from those drastic illnesses, stay healthy, and fit, you have to think twice before creating your diet chart. No matter what kind of yoga certifications in India you go for, you are always taught about the best Yoga diet that you need to follow for a better living.

While junk food increases your stress level, “Sattvic” diet ensures to detoxify your mind, internal organs and align your mind, body, and spirit. When all of these three things are aligned, losing and maintaining weight is easy. Sattvic diet also helps you to stay away from dreadful diseases that may pose challenging health circumstances later.

The best Yoga teacher training in India would always put a light on how important it is for you to go on a Yoga diet and keep a track of what you are eating all throughout the day. When you eat right, you feel right. The better your diet is, the easier it is for you to practice and perform all the Yoga Asana that you have on your schedule.

It is very important for you to know that your diet influences minor to major things in your life. From your stress levels to how you generally feel about yourself, what you eat has the power to define what you think and what you experience. A Yoga diet promises to align you with your Higher Self. Nutritious fruits give you all the vitamins you need for beautiful hair, clean and clear skin and perfect system for digestion. You never complain about being constipated, having painful acne or going through the problem of hair fall when you follow the Yoga diet.

The best Yoga TTC School in India talks about the benefits of following a Yoga diet. When you eat crunchy vegetables and certain dry fruits, your stress levels are controlled. In fact, no matter what situation you are going through in your life, you can manage it with the help of a balanced diet. Don’t begin with the Yoga diet thinking that you won’t have any stress anymore; this diet gives you enough strength, energy, calmness, and wisdom to handle all kinds of stress that you go through in your life.

Does Yoga diet mean tasteless meals?

Nope. A lot of people often believe that a Yoga diet consists of tasteless meals, weird looking vegetables and ugly fruits. This is nothing but a myth. In order to learn about the Yoga diet, you must totally get into it. When you read everything about this diet, you realize that it includes tasty food items. You feel great when you consume all those foods included in the list of the Yoga diet. The only thing is that you have to avoid deep fried food items, along with all sorts of junk that you have always been feasting upon.

When our ancients ruled our country, they survived on a Yoga diet. Since Yoga was not fashion, but a mandatory part of everyone’s lifestyle in the earlier days, people believed in keeping their bodies as detoxified as possible, even though they had absolutely no idea about the term “detoxification.”

A Yoga diet:

1. Brings you closer to your very own self
2. Brings you closer to those who believe in consuming healthy food
3. Makes you a calm and quiet person
4. Helps you quit meat

Imbibe a well-planned yoga diet for reaping optimum benefits on mental, physical and spiritual levels.
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Hey Guys,
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Take this test and find out if you are. Being fit and healthy helps to reduce the chance of illness.
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