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Devendra Fadnavis: The Maharashtrian Chief Minister was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in September 2015
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Ready to take you own watch challenge? Chill this summer in the most comfortable outfit and the best movie to suit your mood. Warning: These series will trap you in your own room! :P
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Every one go through break ups, but rather then putting yourself down pick yourself up and move on because this is not the end of your life.
Here are the 7 tips shared by Indian women on how to get over your ex.
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I was enjoying our official college freshers with my new friends in the new college.We were forced to have cold drinks and snacks instead of the usual hard drinks and smoke. Taking pictures was a part of our new College life. While clicking a groupie a Guy came from my left with one of my friends. It was a routine for me - Guys in new college coming and talking or my friends introducing them to me. That's why it was quite normal but that introduction had something different from his side. He started the conversation by saying " I also live in Phase II , so if you don't mind you can travel with me to and from college".

"No, I didn't come with him" I replied to my friend who used to sit with me daily and introduced "The Guy" to me. "But why?" he asked. "I don't need anybody's help, why should I travel with him when I can come myself" I answered. His statements were normal but had a compelling force in them. " I'll see" I said to end of that conversation.
We would sometimes meet in the parking in our short breaks between the classes and smoke together. But I still was not coming with him. He asked me a couple of times to message him if I wanted to travel to the college with him.That day I came from my friend's place and he called me to ask something and he ended up saying the same line. Just before falling asleep that night i texted him "See you tomorrow at 8:30 a.m" and he replied "I'll come at 8:20". Chat ended with good night messages.
Now as we started to travel to and from the college together, we became better friends with each passing day. We discussed our past relationships, breakups, heartbreaks, songs we love, friends and many more. Every evening he used to call me asking me to meet but i always ignored his awkward trials. I was afraid that someday he will ask me out.
19th August- He called me at 11:00 p.m and said " I need to meet you right now". He seemed tensed and so i agreed. We met and it took me only a minute to understand the situation. Yes he was drunk and had come from a party where his ex was also present. He told me about his conversations with her. "I mentioned you in our conversation" he said, shocked, I asked him, "but why did you mention me?" And then he tells me "I Love You". In the 15 minutes of our meeting he said it 10 times. Being a good friend he knew I was not ready to be in any relationship and that's what I replied with and he said that he actually knew my answer even before I had said anything.
Days passed and our discussions became silence in the car. When did our "Tu" changed into "Tum" we didn't realize. One day, as it was a daily routine before going to bed I was analyzing myself and I realized I wasn't my usual self. The girl who was full of attitude, who used to abuse a lot, her voice loud enough to shut people's mouth, fun loving backbench-er, who never listened to even her parents, do what her heart says, had silently changed to a girl who was quite, talking sweetly and most importantly listening to the guy who is just a normal friend to her. "Something is wrong" I thought to myself and called my only female friend in college. She laughed and said "I had noticed this way back". "Wait! What? What did you notice? Why didn't you tell me about it?" I questioned  her. She replied with a simple statement," You are in love my babe". "No, Are you mad! He is not even of my type babe, how can I even feel for him?" I screamed without taking a breath. She disconnected by saying "Accept it". 

"No, I came alone " i replied to my friend in the class after he teased me. "We Don't come together anymore" I added...
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Hi! I am Chinmaya Dave-a newbie hobby blogger.

I am born Indian, living in North America where everyone comes from various regions of the world leading to a treasure of cultures, traditions, rituals, languages, fashion, lifestyles and ideas that are outrageously different from your own. Learning to accept and love someone from a different culture and embrace their differences not only helps you open your heart but also become more accepting and open-minded.

Transitioning from a country with one concentrated culture into a country with a wealth of cultures and traditions was a bizarre experience as a child. I was exposed to countless cultures/traditions/lifestyles as an eight-year old immigrant due to which, I wandered away from my roots. “Staying rooted to your culture/tradition and being proud of where you come from is the first step for knowing and discovering yourself.” –Yours Truly.

I have taken my first courageous leap into the world of blogging hoping to discover new passions and of course discover myself. What matters most to me is that you enjoy reading my newbie writing/views and support me where you can otherwise thank you for dropping by!

Be sure to find me on Instagram (@myindianroots) and myindianroots.net


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We all have some misconception and myth. In our social life or from the financial aspect, we have specific notions too, which are a part of our belief and tradition. People have some myths regarding food also, though sounds strange but it is true indeed, so here the myths you probably believe exist-:


Cooking vegetables precisely may lose nutrient values

This is the major myth exist in people's minds who follow a diet or fitness to keep them on a strict diet. A fitness guy always prefers hygiene and his protein as he wants. Due to over consciousness somehow his notion overpowers him. He seems to believe such things. Over the decade of the year, we have been told to cook food precisely, whereas now there is new concept hovering. Though myth can’t be said truly believed but having raw veggies surely provide extra protein.


Desserts are entirely sugar candies

Though most of the sweet dishes like chocolate dessert and sugar candies are made appealing by chemical indulgence still it can’t be said true in the context of all food items. Dessert those are made with hygiene safe whereas the processed process is affectedby such sugar process so you need to opt a specific brand, which may assure you quality too. You may get a dessert of supreme quality from CakenGifts.in or order online cake shops in Faridabad midnight.

Foods are colored with chemicals

Somehow this is also a bitter reality of food industry still some of the prominent and assured vendor protects food by making a natural food polishing instead of having a synthetic food color. Now a day there are many food vendors provide you natural food color with fruits like strawberry or vanilla, So get benefits of such and make a cake delivery in Gurgaon same day.
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The trail starts from Barshani and goes through many small waterfalls. the trek from the right side of the trek goes through the dense forest while trekking from the left side of the Parvati river half of the trek sees no to a minimum forest. Read more about the trek at Trek Blog 
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All of us have a morning ritual, get up, exercise and probably sip a cup of tea while reading the news. This first hot cup of brewed tea refreshes you, energizes you and preps you for the day ahead.

But long gone are the days when teas were just milky, sugary hot beverages, today, with the internet abuzz with the benefits of green tea, teas have seized to be just a wake-up call drink. The Kashmiri Kahwa is one such tea that is also a wonderful remedy for various health issues especially when you are suffering from cold and flu or just morning sickness. This drink combines health with an amazing taste and aroma, and has been a part of the Kashmiri cuisine for ages. The saffron content in the drink furthermore, makes it a warming drink.

The Kashmiri green tea leaves are made from whole spices, nuts and saffron along with green tea which is then brewed in a small brass kettle called samovar. The samovar has a small central cavity that holds the coal, while the surrounding area is filled with water and other ingredients to make the tea. There are different types of kahwa recipes that depends on the ingredients and each of them has a distinct taste and aroma, but you can also buy Kashmiri tea online to reap its benefits. Often known as the green tea with almonds, this flavourful tea is made from saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves and flavoured with fruits like apples, raisins, pine nuts, almonds, cashewnut, dried apricots and dates.

Advantages of the Kashmiri Kahwa

The kahwa is loaded with multiple benefits as follows:

1.      The kahwa helps in cleansing the digestive system and improves metabolism. If you have any digestion related problems like constipation, you can buy the saffron green tea to cleanse and ease your body.

2.      The best time to drink Kahwa is always after a meal for it not only aids in digestion but also helps in burning fat. You can buy this Kashmiri green tea in India to prevent cholesterol deposition and improve your heart health.

3.      If you buy this green tea with saffron your need for vitamin B12 is fulfilled. Vitamin B12 helps in improving the body’s immunity.

4.      As is with all green tea, the antioxidants help in reducing stress and relaxes your muscles.

5.      The antioxidants present in the kahwa tree also help in moisturize the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne.

The perfect tea for any occasion, the kahwa is best consumed post meal. Instantly refreshing, the drink keeps you feeling energized, relieves you of stress and uplifts your mood.
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